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Haley's HoneybearWelcome to the Haley's Honey!
Honeythe bee's principal food. Mike and his wife, Tonya Haley, are modern practitioners of an ancient art: bee-keeping. Tending a sensitiveand well-armedlittle insect in order to reap an eventual harvest, may seem out of place, old-fashioned. But somebody has to do it.

Haley's Honey is a small family owned business in Colonial Heights, VA. All of the products are packaged by the Haley family (Tonya, Mike, Shani, Maddy, Nanny, Jan, Rose, Mama Betty, and our four month old baby - Savannah).

The Haleys have about 60 hives, scattered around the Tri-City areaall with the consent of the landowners, of course. Click here for whole story >>

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